About Us

Hellenic radio is the one and only Greek radio that is based in Scotland.
Founded at the beginning of 2020, It transmits in every corner of the earth and aspires to unite all Hellenic people (and not only) under the same music umbrella!
Hellenic radio is with you 24 hours a day, don’t miss the chance to listen to the music you love.

Contact us via live chat and contribute suggestions to hear your favorite songs!
Stay tuned!

All the best
Hellenic radio team

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Hellenic Radio UK offers a live program with favorite songs of yesterday and today, 24 hours a day !!! The station that wants to have constant communication with its listeners. At any time you can contact the studio and even make your dedication.

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If you want to advertise on HELLENIC RADIO UK, you can contact us at info@hellenicradio.uk and we will answer you immediately!

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